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Brooklyn, NY

Handwritten is a place and space for pen and paper. We showcase things in handwriting, but also on handwriting. And so, you'll see dated letters and distant postcards alongside recent studies and typed stories. 

Winter Album, 2016-17

Created by Seattle-based graphic designer, Hillary Grant. Full bio at the bottom.

Created by Seattle-based graphic designer, Hillary Grant. Full bio at the bottom.

Each season, we showcase a mix of new and old handwritten work that relates in some way, shape, or form to the present. In this wintry album, you'll find poems on coming to grips with the growing pains of dysgraphia, as well as sonnets scribbled onto napkins; an interview with an artivist about his anonymous public project, but also an author on writing novels by hand; essays on the art of keeping in touch, but also how we express loss through art; stories about routines, rituals, and early morning celebrations; a list with very specific resolutions; and hand-crafted calendars that contain the chaos of the concrete city. In the event you're in search for a little bit of rhythm in the beginning of this year, we hope something below will help you find that next step.

Seattle-based graphic designer Hillary Grant created the the cover to this winter album. We've been following her work closely, waiting for a chance to overlap, and be on the receiving end of deep talent. Hillary works at outdoor retailer REI, but balances her digital-focused day job with a passion for calligraphy and handlettering side projects. You can see more of her creations, and the mischief she's been up to, at @hgcalligraphy on Instagram.


Interested in designing our spring cover? Email us at info@handwrittenwork.com.