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Keep the beautiful pen busy.

Brooklyn, NY

Handwritten is a place and space for pen and paper. We showcase things in handwriting, but also on handwriting. And so, you'll see dated letters and distant postcards alongside recent studies and typed stories. 


After I am gone, open my diary under my pillow

The Ekalavya is a poet of passion and of patience. For seven years she has been filling notebooks with her poetry, spilling the inky residue of dreams across the pages and shaping memories both made and to-be-made into bright and earnest language. As part of her "A Poem A Day Keeps the Doctor Away" project, The Ekalavya has amassed around 700 verses in the last two and a half years. She offered us her quiet collection so that we could share it piecemeal, ten poems every week, until every word that was pinned between her notebooks' pages is released. 

March 3, 2014-March 12, 2014


1. Reliving a childhood dream of escaping the chaotic city on a bicycle.
2. In praise of the great monuments built by man
3. Tired of traversing life.
4. For Darshan Khanna.
5. Remembering Rabindranath Tagore. He passed away on this day in 1941.
6. That moment when you want to cry, but you know you are exhausting those hidden tears to a point where you have nothing left to shed.
7. Inspiring myself to traverse life, despite all odds.
8. An ode to photographer friend Darshan Khanna's project, "Silhouette."
9. A girl's dream. 

10. The girl's dream is now alive, and she walks away from the world to pursue her dream. 



Deepti is an Indian poet who writes under the pen name The Ekalavya. She fell in love with words at the age of 16. She was inspired by the seventh poem of Tagore's Geetanjali. The rest, as they say, is Ekalavya--As she writes.