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When I Know the Value | Home

Beth Murphy is director of What Tomorrow Brings, a documentary filmed in a conservative village in Afghanistan that chronicles the construction of a dream: a K-12 all girls' school, launched by the spirit of a single woman, Razia Jan. But this year, as the first class of seniors neared graduation, they approached the end of their education, as there was no college for them. What did they do? Handwrite personal statements to a college that didn't exist. Yet. Welcome to the online exhibition, When I Know the Value of Knowledge, I Start To Dream, and allow us to introduce you to the seven graduates.


Top Row, left to right: Aziza Toryalag, Breshna Abdul Ghanee, Mursal Abdul Razib, Negeena Mir Anas
Bottom Row, left to right: Rafeha Oyamuddin, Shakira Mohammad Saleem, Yalda Hameedullah


IN 2008, the gates to Zabuli Education Center opened. The elderly men were of the first to enter. 

IN 2015, when students applied to college, these seven did, too. The difference? Their college didn't exist. Yet.

IN 2016, What Tomorrow Brings premieres worldwide, documenting the construction of this dream. 


What happened when we brought the girls' stories and letters into 4th grade classrooms? 


Photo Permission: Beth Murphy, Principle Pictures